Want to Improve Your Executive Function?

Do you feel you can't focus your attention on a task till the finishing line? Or keep being late for or simply forget about meetings? Sometimes you feel you can't control your impulsivity? Or your talent can't shine in school and workplaces, and others simply can't understand you?

Consult ADHD coaches in comfort of your home.

How it works

3 easy steps to experience a powerful ADHD coaching session

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With which ADHD coach do you feel a unique personal chemistry? Easily select a coach based on his specialty, experience, qualification and personal story. You can always find a coach matching your vibe.

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Have a real taste of ADHD coaching, risk free! Our ADHD coaches always offer a 15 min free trial session for you to find out if the coach is the right one who you want to work with.

Start in-person Coaching

Experience the true power of ADHD Coaching in comfort of home. At your appointment or when a coach is online, you can immediately start a face-to-face session through live video chat, anonymously.

Book a Free Trial Session

Simply send an email to help@PsychAsk.com to book the session with your coach, at your own convenience!

Secure and Credible

Talk face-to-face with your selected coach from the safety of your home. You can also agree on regular sessions and follow-ups for the best results.


Our 1-on-1 live video streaming solution is encrypted with industry standard technology ensuring 100% protection of your privacy.


Our coaches are professionally certified by world's leading coaching institutions, and are carefully selected by PsychAsk team to guarantee the best service quality to clients.

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PsychAsk.com is a global live video chat community that connects life coaches and psychologists with people in need of emotional support or a breakthrough at difficult times in life.

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Our values

We all experience difficult times in life, and we simply need someone to talk to. Support from friends and families are helpful in easing the pain. But to achieve a real breakthrough in life and get total recovery from our emotional problems, professional coaches and psychologists who are trained to carry out professional conversations can much more deeply and effectively change the way we think and live.

Here at PsychAsk, we can't resist to the pride we feel when someone else's life just got better because of our work. We think helping others get a fulfilled life makes our own lives meaningful.

We believe we are not building just a website here. We are accomplishing a mission to Bring Happiness Back to People's Lives, and that's something much greater than ourselves.

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