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Who We Are is a global LIVE VIDEO CHAT community that connects EXPERTS, such as life coaches and psychologists, with people who need emotional support or a breakthrough at difficult times in life. We are a startup company based in Budapest, Hungary - one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. We are currently based in Hungary’s most well-known incubator DigitalFactory (link) and supported by some of the most successful investors in Hungary.

It’s been a challenging but exciting journey when developing PSYCHask. We started building this unique community in June 2014 and we just launched right before last Christmas.

Our Values and Mission

We all experience difficult times in life, and we simply need someone to talk to. Support from friends and families are helpful in easing the pain, but to achieve a real breakthrough in life and get total recovery from our emotional problems, we will need to talk to professional Coaches / Psychologists who are trained to carry out professional conversations that deeply and effectively change the way we think and live.

We believe helping people is the most decent thing one can do. Here at PSYCHask, we can’t resist to the pride we feel when someone else’s life just got better because of our work. We think helping others get a fulfilled life makes our own life meaningful.

We believe we are not building just a website here. We are accomplishing a mission to Bring Happiness Back to People’s Lives, and that’s something much greater than ourselves.

Our Experts

We are not alone in the journey to make a real change in the world, because hundreds of experts are inspired and have chased the same experts in their own lives. We believe that’s the real reason why they decided to join us.

During the past several months, over 100 experts with various experience from all walks of life have joined our platform. We interviewed them one by one, and verified their credentials one by one. We literally hand picked the finest experts who proved to be the most qualified in their own fields.

Ask yourself a question: what has been bothering you lately? Is it ADHD? Or do you have any problems in relationship, dating, self-esteem, career, sex life, family, finance and health? Or are you going through depression, anxiety, stress, anger, or other mental health issues?

Don't worry! There is always an Expert for that!

How it works

We make sure whenever you visit our site, there is ALWAYS an expert you can talk to about your problems in life. At a click of one button, you INSTANTLY start a chat with the expert you choose.

Step 1: Select an Expert.

Simply browse all online Experts, and select one based on the problems you have. Click on the “Join Chat” button or the photo to go into the expert’s chat room.

Step 2: Start a 15 min FREE chat.

When you click on the “Start Private Session” button under the expert’s photo, or simply send a message in the chat box, the Expert will hear a ringtone from her computer and she will pick up your call instantly. The Expert can also turn on her webcam so that you can see and hear her.

The first 15 min chat is FREE for you to fully evaluate if the expert is the right one for you.

Step 3: Start a paid full-length session.

Once you decide the Expert is the right one for you after a FREE chat, you can continue with a paid full-length session for 30min or 60min. Simply pay with PayPal or credit card.

In the paid session, you also have the choice to turn on your webcam or mic to speak to the expert face-to-face. Speaking is easier than typing!

Team Members:

Wenyi Wu

Co-founder & CEO, MBA (Corvinus University of Budapest 07') and marketing professional

About me:

My motto: Pain is weakness leaving you.

I’ve always been the kind of guy whom my friends usually talk to about their emotional problems at difficult times in life. I’m somehow gifted to be able to show them a way out. At the moment when I receive that big “thank you” from my friends, I feel so fulfilled and proud, because I know someone’s life just got better because of me.

That’s how I found my passion and mission for helping people, and bringing happiness back to people’s life makes my own life meaningful. The problem is my own power is too limited to help millions. But I know I’m not alone. Thousands of life coaches, therapists and counselors around the world have the same mission. That’s why we at are building a bridge that connects them with millions of people who need help.

Together we can help more people find their happiness back.

Laszlo Marai

Co-founder & CTO, MSc in Electric Engineering.

Janka Horvath

Client Manager, BA in Psychology (ELTE University, Budapest)

About me:

My motto: Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

It took me a while to find my path. I wanted to be a doctor, applied to art school, studied economics, wanted to be a ski instructor. All these things awakened me: what I want is not just a job. I want a chance to expand my talent and creativity, and to live the present to full.

I’m only sure about one thing: studying people excites me, and it’s deeply linked to my life mission. So I finally chose to study psychology. It’s an important station in my life, but there is much more to come. Continuous growth is what matters the most to me. As I grow older, I began to feel the only thing that’s essential to me is to give love and attention, and to make life easier for other people by exploring the world around me.

I find PsychAsk a great way to reach out to people and to accomplish my mission.

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Tel (North America): +1 (646) 661-2882

Tel (Europe): +36 30 497 5980


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