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Matt Reid

Private session offers:

  • 15 min FREE trial
  • 30 min session ($2.50/min)
  • 60 min session ($2.50/min)


Life Coach, ADHD Coach, Professional Organizer


5 years


  • ACC: ICF Life Coaching Certification
  • Advanced Coaching Program, ADD Coach Academy
  • AACC: ADHD Coaching Certification


Anxiety; ADD/ADHD; Parenting; Time Management; ADD/ADHD Children Support; Parenting ADD/ADHD Children


  • Executive Function (Time management, planning, efficiency)
  • Parenting, including parenting children with ADHD
  • Relationship help for ADHD/non-ADHD partnerships
  • ADHD education: understand your ADHD & learn to change your behavior
  • Managing anxiety, whether related to ADHD or not (includes some CBT)


EN (English)

About me:

Hi. I’m Matt. I’m a certified ADHD coach, certified life coach, professional organizer, father, husband, classically trained chef, part-time vegetable gardener, athlete, friend, business owner, and so much more. I also have ADHD, which is what brought me to my second career as a coach. I was diagnosed when I was 10 and had many advantages in dealing with my ADHD. Even so, life was hard. It took me years, decades really, to fully understand my ADHD and learn to effectively manage it. I can now proudly say that my ADHD doesn’t hold me back in any aspect of my life. Sure, things aren’t perfect, but I have an amazing life. As a coach I help my clients create the amazing lives they want and deserve.

As kids, we never said, “I want to grow up to just get by.” We assume we are going to be happy and successful. But, for many of us, years of undiagnosed ADHD or undertreated ADHD can convince us that happy and successful aren’t possible. But, they are! If I can do it, you can too. And, I’d be honored to help you on that journey.

People often ask me what a coach is. I struggled with how to answer that for years. Finally I realized that it doesn’t matter what a coach is. It only matters who I am and what I do. I take a behavioral approach to ADHD. My clients come to me when they want different results in their lives. They want to be more efficient and productive. They want to feel more in control, less impulsive, less stressed. They want to be more organized, to be on time for things, to feel prepared. Often they also want to parent better, have stronger and healthier relationships, make progress in their careers, make time for exercise, and better nutrition.

Ultimately, we change our results by changing our behavior. Of course, that is easier said than done. Behaviors can be very difficult to change for a variety of reasons. But, the most important factor in changing our behavior is understanding the why. Why do we do what we do (or don’t do what we should do) so that we keep getting the same results—the very results that we don’t want? That’s where I come in. It is not always so easy to understand the why. I teach my clients about their ADHD and help them look at their behaviors though an ADHD lens. In my experience that is the key to understanding why we do what we do. Once we understand, we can start to change.

The other way I can define myself, as a coach is in one word: practical. Of course I do use traditional coaching techniques by asking “powerful questions” and helping my clients to “develop new awareness.” But as ADHDers, we want practical solutions to our day-to-day struggles. I’ve spent 25+ years developing practical strategies for managing life, from writing papers, to getting the laundry done. From keeping organized, to remembering to do things, to getting places on time. Whatever you struggle with in your life, odds are I have a practical strategy to manage it that will really work and be easy to implement and sustain. And if I don’t, we’ll co-create one that works specifically for you!

Ultimately, to live “the good life” as ADHDers, we need to do two things. We need to build our lives around what we are passionate about and good at. And, we need to minimize the things we struggle with by using adaptive compensation strategies. I can help you do both. With clients between 11 and 60 years old, I can honestly say that it is never too early or too late to make the change you want in your current life so that you can start living the amazing life you have always wanted and truly deserve.