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Anadel Barbour

Private session offers:

  • 15 min FREE trial
  • 30 min session ($2.50/min)
  • 60 min session ($2.50/min)


Sex Coach, Substance Abuse Recovery Coach


13 years


  • Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Narrative Therapy Specialist
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling
  • Professional Sex Coaching Certification
  • Mindful Yoga and Mediation


Depression; Anxiety; Sex; Spirituality; Personal Growth; Addictions


  • Living in recovery from drugs and alcohol
  • Liberation from stigmatised sexual concerns
  • Fulfillment in sexual and intimate relationships
  • Spiritual guidance for internal growth and healing
  • Tools to help with anxiety and depression
  • Narrative Therapy


EN (English)

About me:

I am Anadel, a counselor and narrative therapist. I chose Mental Health as a career due to my own struggles with addiction. The road of sobriety had many challenges and having overcome most of them, I wanted to help others.

I chose to add Sex Coaching to add my practice because the need is tremendous. Sex, sexuality and intimacy were areas that most people sought help for and which were sorely underrepresented in my Mental Health Training and Education. My own sex and intimacy concerns led me to find my own path to a healthy sexual ideal for myself. It was a tough journey.

It was hard to find a therapist who dealt with normalizing sexual issues. Sexuality was ignored as a subject to embrace and improve upon if one wanted. I finally found fulfillment doing my own work and research. Liberation from the bondage of confusion, shame and guilt about sex and sexuality was the result. I discovered just how normal I was and that I could live by my own values. I was able to take full ownership of my Powerful Sexual Energy. Having found a healthy attitude towards sex, my whole life changed, and I had a sense of well-being. I am now able to give back what I gained.

I help clients to rediscover their intuition. I collaborate with clients as they re-author the negative stories their lives have been stuck in into new and positive stories to live by. My beliefs are those of non-shaming, non-judging, and non-pathologizing any person or concern that people may present to me. I call my technique FLOW © (Fulfillment, Liberation, Ownership, Well-Being). I would love to share it with everyone!