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Dona Witten

Private session offers:

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  • 30 min session ($2.50/min)
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Life Coach, Executive Coach, ADHD Coach


5 years


  • Certified Life Coach
  • Vangent ODAN Coaching and Leadership Assessment Certification


ADD/ADHD; Goal setting; Motivation


  • ADHD Coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Motivation


EN (English)

About me:

I am a psychologist, executive coach, life coach, and ADHD coach. I work with both individuals and groups. My consulting and coaching practice, Integrated Life Path Coaching is based in Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. metro area. I also travel frequently to my client sites both within the US and internationally. I am a frequent speaker at professional organizations and conferences and have published numerous articles and books.

One of my key strengths is integrating mindfulness practices into my coaching activities. I am a meditator of over 40 years and have developed simple yet effective approaches to bringing mindfulness practices into the lives of individuals of all ages who want to improve on their ability to remain focused on the task at hand and achieve their life goals.

That's what I 'DO'. Who I 'AM' is someone with a passion for personal and interpersonal development - mine and yours. I believe in my deepest being that it is in relation to others that we find ourselves. If we are brave,
courageous and aware we can use every moment of every day as an opportunity for personal growth and to improve the world we live in. This is the work i want to do with you and your organization.

SOME INFORMATION ABOUT ADHD, ADD OR EXECUTIVE FUNCIONING LIMITATIONS ADD, ADHD and EFD are all labels for neurological weaknesses that affect the areas of the brain related to self-regulation of behavior and emotions. Approximately 15% of youths and 5% of adults are affected by limitations in
executive functioning capabilities.

Executive functioning limitations may arise at any time in life. They may be genetic in origin and arise in childhood or later. But they may also be the result of any number of occurrences such as physical trauma or medical conditions.

Some individuals with executive functioning limitations, especially those who are gifted, may successfully navigate the early stages of their lives and only experience significant impairment later, in more unstructured and challenging aspects of their lives such as college and the work environment.

The good news for individuals with executive functioning limitations is that these limitations can be improved upon, often significantly, through training the mind in methods that improve cognitive functioning as well as unlearning negative compensatory attitudes and behaviors. It is especially possible to learn techniques to compensate for executive functioning limitations.

You can benefit from working with me if you experience any of these characteristics of ADHD, ADD or executive functioning limitations

• Difficulty achieving goals even though you have the talent to do so

• Difficulties with scheduling and planning

• Weakness of short term memory including losing things and forgetting things

• Interrupting others in conversation and difficulty following prolonged dialogues

• Waiting until the last moment to start projects

• Boredom, restlessness, and impatience

• Risk taking and a desire for stimulation

• Forgetting schedules, rushing and lateness

• Multiple incomplete projects and activities

• Impulsiveness and emotional frustration

• Inability to pick up social cues and respond accordingly