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Nicole Weatherdon

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ADHD Coach


6 years


  • Life Coach (Expert Level) in ADHD


ADD/ADHD; Family; Family/Workplace Advocacy


  • ADHD/ADD Coaching
  • School/Workplace Advocacy
  • Family Support


EN (English)

About me:

After a childhood that featured numerous academic and social problems, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 19. I immediately began learning, formally and experientially, everything I could about ADHD. I was fortunate to find professionals willing to train me, and I continue with formal training even now, as research continues to uncover answers about ADHD that we haven’t had before.

School, work, relationships, family, changing doctors, multiple medication and dosage changes, co-morbid conditions - these are only a few of the more common issues that having ADHD turns into adventures. I’ve been there, and have come out successfully on the other side, largely through awareness, strategic planning, self-advocacy, and building a support network.

Although I specialize solely in ADHD (much in the way that I appreciate the knowledge and experience of every physician, if I need heart surgery, I go to a cardiologist, not a neurologist) I do also work with the non-ADHD family and even employers of people with much as ADHD affects the individual, it also affects those around him/her and there is almost never any support/information offered to them.

Since ADHD affects every aspect of a person’s life, it can sometimes appear to be overwhelming; but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many joys to be found in having ADHD - you don’t want to miss them!