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Michelle Tascoe

Private session offers:

  • 15 min FREE trial
  • 30 min session ($2.50/min)
  • 60 min session ($2.50/min)


Life Coach, Performance Coach, Finance Coach


6 years


  • Certified Professional Life Coach


Business & Money; Performance; Finance; Life Balance


  • Getting out of debt
  • Boost your bank account
  • Be money smart
  • Life balance
  • Success in professional and personal life


EN (English)

About me:

I LOVE coaching clients who have a strong desire to finally get on track with their life. Whether you want to be financial stable, have control of your time, the right career or just want some clarity about what is holding you back from the life you want, we will get the answers!

My clients are given a plan, organization, consistent accountability and encouragement. We shift from limiting beliefs to focusing on taking action and results.

My current clients have been able to accomplish: getting a dream job, surpassing a 6-figures, being effective with their time, having more belief and self worth, paying off credit card debt, paying off back taxes, making better life decisions and moving on from past disappointments to now living and enjoying life.

My goal as a coach is to work closely with you so that you can make adjustments in the way you think and act that will result in you having a plan so you can live the life you want. I believe you can have it all and you can do it all with the proper coaching and mindset.

How do I do this?

I ask you clear questions so you can see what has been stopping you from reaching your goals.
I then help you put together a plan to specifically address those challenges and guide you as you take action on your goals boldly and with confidence that you are on the right path.


Just like any car that isn't working you take it to a mechanic to be diagnosed to see what the issue is. I have the same approach and offer an introductory session so that we can discuss what is not working and begin developing a plan and strategy that will solve the problem you are facing.

If we decide to work together, we can begin moving forward with improving the priorities in your life. If we are not a good fit, then I will recommend you to who I know that can definitely help. Either way you are pointed in the right direction and closer to your goals.

Here are what my clients are saying about coaching with me

Michelle assisted me in making the right decisions for each of my particular situations. She opened my eyes, gave me the courage to get out of my comfort zone, caringly aided in analyzing my financial options, & armed me with financial tools to budget with. Now, I'm moving to a larger house, paid off $40,000 in credit cards, have 0 credit card debt, & have 4 separate sources of income (apart from my regular W-2). Thank you Michelle, you will always be my shining star."

Therese B. | Engineer | Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I were in a financial rut. We knew we wanted to curb our spending and set goals to pay down debt and save for the future, but we didn’t know how, and every time we tried to make forward progress we would just end up in a fight. Having the outside help Michelle offered us was just what we needed. After our first session we had a much better idea of where our money was going (something I never felt we had a handle on before) and were able to easily set a budget and make a plan for paying off debt. It’s now been two months since our first meeting, and we’ve paid off three credit cards! Even better than that, we have not gotten in a single disagreement about money since we set-up our budget. That alone was worth the price of the session! It feels so good to be on the right track financially. I wish we had met with her a long time ago.

Ginny Jones | Singer Songwriter | Los Angeles, CA

I love Michelle Tascoe! She is so gifted and talented!
"This is my second time coaching with Michelle and I have to say I have seen SO MUCH personal growth in my own life. I am changing my mindsets about who I am and what I can achieve in life. Michelle's coaching has caused my to open my eyes to the truth of what's in front of me. I'm losing more weight, getting more money in my bank account, working on becoming debt free. I'm also exploring new options in dating. I am one happy girl. Thank you Michelle for EVERYTHING! "

Michelle Ballowe | Hospital Management | Sonora, CA

Something was just missing in my life. Michelle worked around my stubbornness. She's incredibly intuitive herself. My money and life are more organized. I started just doing financial coaching, and ended up using her for life and financial coaching, because she's just so good y'all. She's compassionate and cuts straight to what you need. She delivers her guidance with tough love when needed and compassion and humor always.

Megan Lane | Intuitive Coach | Los Angeles, CA

I probably should have hired Michelle ten years ago, but it took the loss of my job and not getting a paycheck every two weeks (to spend every penny of) to finally make the decision. I had very little sense of where my money was going and zero experience in creating a budget. Michelle was amazing. She walked me through the steps I needed to get things lined up and into one place that was manageable and workable. I feel so much more in control of my finances than I ever have, and ready to take the next steps towards prioritizing for the future, which feels a thousand times better than a new pair of shoes. She is exceptionally easy to work with, flexible, and understanding. I'd recommend her services to anyone looking to get a better handle on their past, present, and future spending. It was eye opening for me to see that I spent a lot of money on habits weighing me down, instead of moving me forward. Hiring Michelle was definitely money well spent!

Melissa Reale | Independent Contractor | Los Angeles, CA

That application alone has helped me tremendously! I check it every morning and allocate each transaction to a set budget. It's really fun. Plus I'm on track to have a record month, so I have set a goal to save a particular amount of cash.

Huzefa Kapadia | Owner at Scalar Learning | Los Angeles, CA

I started being coached by Michelle Tascoe Coaching about three months ago and have experienced a noticeable financial lifestyle change. Before, I felt unorganized and stressed. Now I feel relaxed and efficient when it comes to my financials and my income has increased since our coaching as well (I think because her coaching got me more focused on exact numbers and small details that make a difference). What I really like about our weekly coaching sessions is that Michelle is kind and fun to work with, she truly cares about making a difference in your life. She notices when you are in a good mood or when you need lift in your spirit during the financial coaching session, you can tell that it is important to her that you enjoy learning and improving. I have already referred her services to a few of my closest family and friends and they have reported raving reviews. Can not imagine working with anyone else.

Caroline Buhler | Marketing Coach and Owner of | Los Angeles, CA