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Elise Moore-Searson

Private session offers:

  • 15 min FREE trial
  • 30 min session ($2.50/min)
  • 60 min session ($2.50/min)


Life Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach


12 years


  • MA Degree in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Organisational Development
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in Executive Coaching


Self-Confidence; Stress; Anxiety; Leadership; Personal Development; Self Esteem; Career


  • Career Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Life Coaching


EN (English)

About me:

My coaching process facilitates the maximizing of positive strengths and potential and enables the client to build the future they have always wanted. It is about growth and fulfilment of potential. It is a client centered on-going process of self-fulfillment. My approach is results-orientated and values-led and reflects my belief that everyone can fulfil their goals. Extensive research has shown that people are far more likely to achieve and exceed their goals if they have the support of a qualified coach and I have the requisite skills, experience and qualifications to facilitate deep and long lasting change in clients.

I am qualified to the highest professional standards and use a wide variety of proven tools and techniques which are tailored to each client’s requirements. These include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt and Transactional Analysis as well as management theories, personal development theories and an understanding of psychological models and approaches. NLP is a set of tools, techniques and ideas, including hypnosis, which is used effectively in every area of life to effect fast, efficient and long-lasting change in individuals, groups and organizations. NLP can create excellence in the way in which we communicate, influence, negotiate, sell, lead and achieve in order to make that all important impact in a very competitive and fast moving environment.

People come to me for a number of reasons. These may include major life changes, lack of purpose or direction in life, relationship and communication problems, lack of confidence, personal or career development needs. They come to me because I help them to work through their problems in a warm, confidential and supportive environment, where they receive focused, dedicated one-to-one coaching.

The benefits of receiving coaching from me can include:

• Greatly improved focus and enhanced goal setting capabilities, maximizing potential and increasing productivity.
• Improved level of performance and ability to meet and exceed your goals.
• Enhanced confidence and the ability to deal with new challenges and events.
• Effective communication skills in work, home and social situations and building rapport with others.
• Greater sense of purpose and improved relationships.
• Greater motivation and drive to succeed.
• An increased sense of who you are and what is important to you in life.
• An Improved work/life balance.
• Elimination of those things that no longer work in your life.
• Accelerated development and skills enhancement.
• Improved health and stamina, including supporting you with weight loss and stopping smoking.
• Coping with Grief.