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Ljiljana Foki

Private session offers:

  • 15 min FREE trial
  • 30 min session ($2.50/min)
  • 60 min session ($2.50/min)


Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Performance Coach, Business Coach, Health & Fitness Coach, Relationship Coach, Leadership Coach


10 years


  • Certified Business Coach
  • Accredited Coach


Work-Life Balance; Management; Health & Fitness; Leadership; Life Transition; Communication; Personal Development; Career; Relationship


  • Personal Grow & Empowerment
  • Positive Life Changing Management
  • Health, Energy & Stress Management
  • Relationship Issues
  • Career & Business Development
  • Life & Work Balance
  • Leadership & Management Coaching
  • Personal & Assertive Communication Skill Development


HU (Hungarian), EN (English), SR (Serbian), HR (Croatian)

About me:

I am an International Professional Coach and Trainer, certified Tai-Chi and Hatha Yoga teacher, Motivational speaker, International and National Tai-Chi winner, Marathon runner, Argentine tango dancer. I speak fluently English, Hungarian, Serbian and ex-Yugoslavia languages. I am an expert in energy management coaching and training. I have been studying and practicing Tai-Chi, Yoga and Energy principles for years. Although I had extended professional experience working for various multinational companies, I felt an urge to express my unique gifts and talents and create the career that fills my life with passion, meaning and purpose. I have started empowerment based coaching and training. I work with individuals and support them to come with the new model of the world and themselves, inspire them to use their talents, knowledge and strengths to create more successful, healthier and happier life.

I coach with humor as well as humanity, I use compassion as well as passion, I encourage, inspire and empower you to Be All that you are, and All that you can be!

Main focus of my coaching work is personal grow and empowerment , health and energy management, business development and executive coaching. One of my specialty is empowering women specially during career and life changes to participate actively in their own personal empowerment, self-care, well-being and renewal.

Many focus their time and energy fixing the problem, I take a different approach. I offer an unique coaching approach based on integration of positive psychology, structured business coaching technics with the energy management ( based on Tai-Chi and Yoga energy principles) coaching and training. By using structured questions and progressive coaching techniques integrated with energy management principles, I help individuals to:

• raise awareness and greater understanding of their current situation
• shift energy level from victim-hood, frustration or anger to enthusiastic believes in their own power to create positive changes
• create balance in private and professional life
• find the possibilities and alternatives open to them
• take actions to achieve their personal and professional goals.

I believe that the best way to grow a company is to empower individuals to become their best. I also work with entrepreneurs and business executives to help them in strengthening their leadership skills, personal and communication skills development, energy stress management, focus and goal development, motivation and team building, change and stress energy management.

I believe you can get more out of life than you currently have. I believe you can live life which you want to live. I bring light during coaching process to make it clear that change is possible, and it's available to You..the change starts inside You.I help you to create success in your daily life and live healthy and happy life with passion, meaning and purpose.