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Liisa Kyle

Private session offers:

  • 15 min FREE trial
  • 30 min session ($3.00/min)
  • 60 min session ($3.00/min)


Life Coach, ADHD Coach


17 years


  • PhD in Psychology


Creativity; ADD/ADHD; Parenting ADD/ADHD Children; Goal setting; Decision making; Self Development; Personal Growth


  • Making real, effective personal changes
  • Figuring out what you really want
  • Achieving goals and dreams, getting things done
  • Managing creative projects and creativity
  • Effectively managing too many projects and ideas
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Overcoming regrets, disappointments and unhappy/unhealthy habits
  • Personal growth and development
  • Adult ADD/ADHD


EN (English)

About me:

I help smart, creative people who want to overcome challenges, get organized, get things done and get more out of life.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve coached individuals, facilitated groups and delivered inventive workshops on four continents. I’ve authored books about happiness, goal setting, planning, getting things done, making real personal change, making the most out of life, getting over regrets and disappointments, and overcoming perfectionism. I’ve developed countless tools, techniques, thinking activities,
and fieldwork assignments to help people make real, effective improvements to their lives.

If you’re like most people who seek me out, you’re dealing with one or more of these four situations:

1. You are at a crossroads, a major decision point, and/or are experiencing a major life change.

Whether the changes you are experiencing are chosen or imposed, it’s natural to experience challenges, confusion, doubts and stress along the way. I can help you decide what you really want -- and don’t want -- and tailor a plan to suit your unique choices,
preferences and circumstances. I have tools and techniques that will ensure your transition unfolds more smoothly, more easily and more efficiently. I can help you make the most of your next life chapter, whatever it is.

2. You are dissatisfied with your life, stuck, frustrated, and/or disappointed.

You want something more -- or better -- or different -- although you might not know exactly what that is, let alone how to get it.

If this sounds like you, rest assured that you *can* improve your life. Together, we can figure out what you really want -- and how to make it happen. We can create goals and plans tailored to your unique strengths, preferences and circumstances. We can keep you
on track, motivated and overcome challenges along the way. Yes, you *can* get things done. Yes you *can* achieve your unique goals and dreams. Yes you *can* change your life and live a life you love.

3. You are a creative person encountering creative challenges.

Maybe you're having difficulty getting started...or finding focus...or maintaining momentum...or finishing something. Whether you are a fledgling artist yearning to develop your creativity, a hobbyist juggling different passions or a professional artist seeking career direction, I can help. I've helped artists get organized, get focused and channel their creative energies effectively. I've coached people through particular projects like writing a book, getting an agent and planning a CD launch. I've helped creative people make major changes smoothly and to find effective ways to balance different life domains to create a life they love. Many of my creative clients are multi-talented people juggling too many projects and too many ideas. If that sounds like you, rest assured, I’ve developed many tools and techniques just for you.

4. You are a perfectionist.

Are you picky? Or ‘hard on yourself’? Do you ‘have high standards’ or unspoken ‘rules’ that you abide by? Do you like things to be done ‘properly’? Do you sense a chronic feeling of things just note being ‘good enough’? If this sounds like you, you just might be a perfectionist -- and you know how stressful and unpleasant it can be.

I’ve developed a suite of tools and techniques to counteract the underlying fears and false beliefs that foster perfectionistic behaviors. I’ve helped people overcome their control issues, reduce the stress and anxiety of striving for perfection, overcome their
pessimism, and shift from chronic disappointment to contentment.

What to Expect from a Single Coaching Session:

* you will clarify what’s really going on in your life (hint: it might be something other than you think)

* you will generate and review your options

* you will decide what next steps are right for you to take at this time

What to Expect from a Series of Ongoing Coaching Sessions:

* you will figure out what you *really* want in life -- and what you really don’t want

* you will achieve your goals faster, easier, and with less stress

* you will identify and overcome whatever has been holding you back or interfering with your success

* you will overcome obstacles you encounter more effectively, more efficiently and with less stress

* you will do more of what you love and less of what you don’t

* you will manage your time more effectively and efficiently

* you will gain a deeper understanding of your core strengths and learn how to make the most of them

* you will gain a better understanding of areas of life you could improve, and how to do so

* you will achieve an improved work/life balance

* you will experience quantum leaps in your personal insights, your personal growth and your personal development

* you will improve your personal and professional relationships

* you will enjoy your life more

I look forward to working with you.