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Peijman Kouretchian

Private session offers:

  • 15 min FREE trial
  • 30 min session ($2.50/min)
  • 60 min session ($2.50/min)


Personal Development Coach


8 years


  • Certified Coach
  • BA Degree in Music Performance
  • Nonviolence Workshop Trainer


Self Development; Career; Relationship


  • Personal Development
  • Relationship Concerns
  • Choosing the Right Career


EN (English), FA (Persian)

About me:

Peijman is a leader and cutting edge visionary. He takes fearless inspired action that helps create a better world.

I love working with people one on one! The work I do is all about living your life authentically with nothing holding you back. People talk to me when they want to make change in their lives. They want the truth. Most people in their lives don’t tell them the truth either because they don’t see it, or they feel uncomfortable talking about it. My clients want to see themselves in a deeper way than they have before. They want clarity on the best steps to take, and what they are actually meant to be doing. So, when we talk, it is all about absolute honesty! I love it. My clients come to me, because they know I won’t hold anything back. There is nothing quite like having a completely honest and authentic conversation with another person. Trust can really be felt, along with powerful connection and inspiration. I believe we are all unique and have a special gift to give to the world. It is an absolute honor for me to be able to witness that in my clients.

Personal Development has been a near obsessive focus and passion in my life! In 2006 I had an awakening and spent 7 months meditating for 6 hours a day as part of a meditation peace team. Ever since then I have been studying and applying spiritual, therapeutic, astrological, and coaching techniques to myself and my clients at every opportunity I can. In my journey I have had to overcome many personal obstacles and this has given me an intuitive awareness of psychological blocks with the ability to really lean into someone’s energy and have the emphatic understanding that allows them to heal and move forward.

I've studied coaching at one of the top schools: Coaches Training Institute. I've also studied with the world re-known astrologer Glenn Perry at his school the Academy of AstroPsychology. I’m a nonviolence workshop facilitator teaching conflict transformation, de-escalation, and nonviolence theory informed by the greats such as Gandhi and MLK. I’m a business entrepreneur, non-profit founder and have been a world traveling professional musician for over 15 years playing the hell out my drums. I've played on many big stages with prestigious musicians.

My purpose in life is to interact with people on a deep but super fun and intense level in such a way that it re-jumbles their brain molecules and as a result they are more connected to the spirit within them. I like to say that I am the psychedelic fog that envelops and plugs you into connection with spirit.